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"Then one day, when you least expect it, the great adventure finds  you"

#locallygrown, #farmfresh, #madefreshdaily, #twinpinesalpacas

Please note our Farm Store will be closed on dates we attend festivals.   

March 12th

The FIbre Forge Festival

The Hamilton Fibre Forge - Sunday March 12th, 2023

Join us as we travel to Hamilton and participate in The Fibre Forge Festival being held at The Cotton Factory.  The festival is full of fibre goodness and the venue location is really cool too!  Event will run from 10am to 4pm on Sunday March 12th, 2023. 

The Cotton Factory | 270 Sherman Ave N | Hamilton | Ontario

May  6th

For the Love of Fibre

For the Love of Fibre - Saturday May 6th, 2023

Time to travel to eastern Ontario to the town of Spencerville and join us for the 2nd Annual For the Love of Fibre festival being held at the Spencerville Agricultural Fairgrounds - Drummond Building.  A bigger venue and more vendors too.  

Spencerville Fairgrounds - Drummond Building |22 Ryan St | Spencerville| Ont

May 13th

Peterboro Fibre Arts Festival 

Ptbo Fibre Arts Festival - Saturday May 13th, 2023

A little closer to home on this date, as we travel to Peterborough to set up our booth of alpaca goodness for fibre enthusiasts to ponder, squeeze and add to their stash.  A great local event hosted by the Peterborough Spinners and Weavers Guild.  Indoor parking.  Join us. 

Peterborough Square | 340 George St N | Peterborough | Ontario

May 2023

Annual Fibre Harvest

The Crew - Eat ~ Sleep ~ Poop ~ Grow Fibre ~ Hair Cuts!

Oh, the wait,  A full year to finally be able to celebrate all the work to keep the heard well cared for in order to grow their luxurious fibre.  While they basically eat - sleep - poop and grow fibre the reward is a luxurious fibre which is one of the softest fibre available in the world.  So versatile and used in many products - which did we mention we mill right here on the farm?  

#locallygrown, #farmfresh, #madefreshdaily, #twinpinesalpacas


Coming Soon

Stay Tuned

More to Come!

Something cool will happen here!  Stay Tuned. 

June 10th


Kawartha Yarn and Fibre Festival - Saturday June 10th, 2023

Less than an hour from our farm, we will be joining the organizers of The Kawartha Yarn and FIbre Festival for a great event being hosted at the Fenelon Falls Community Centre.  A terrific event which a load of great vendors!  Join us. 

Fenelon Falls Community Centre | 27 Veterans Way | Fenelon Falls | Ontario

June 24th

Muskoka Yarn & Fibre Fest 

Muskoka Yarn and Fibre Fest - Saturday June 24th, 2023

Well it's off to northern cottage country as we join the Muskoka Yarn and Fibre Fest being held at the Bracebridge Agricultural Fairgrounds.  Join as and our hosts at this great annual fibre enthusiast event!  Filled with a lot of fibre goodness - this is one you do not want to miss!  

Bracebridge Agricultural Fairgrounds |331 Fraserburg Rd | Bracebridge | Ontario

10 am - 4pm


Stay Tuned

More to Come - Stay Tuned! 

Oh, wait - what will this new event be?   

#locallygrown, #farmfresh, #madefreshdaily, #twinpinesalpacas


Coming Soon

Stay Tuned

More to Come!

Something cool will happen here!  Stay Tuned. 


More you say?

Oh me, oh my - what else could it be? 

Stay tuned!


More to Come!

Oops - we did it again? 

What will it be - stay tuned!


Festival Season Closer

Oh my, what could it be? 

Stay tuned - details coming soon!  


A Visit To the Farm - Things You Need to Know

To ensure the safety of all who visit our farm ~  please ensure you review and comply with the following: 

The Crew

Our herd of Huacaya Alpacas are easily viewed in their pastures from the observation deck at the back of our store.  As a registered fibre farm our herd are livestock (not petstock) - this just means, they love visitors and selfies but you should not expect to pet them.  Never feed the alpacas or any wildlife while visiting the farm. 

Family Pets 

Your family's pet is not allowed on farm property for the safety of your pet & our herd.  No exceptions. 

Visitors & Guest

Parents/Guardians are responsible to abide by farm signage and rules and must supervise children in their attendance at all times while on farm property.  Do not leave children unattended for any reason.   Do not allow children to climb on farm equipment, buildings, trees, patio railings; and, entry to pastures and fields is not permitted.   

Farm Safety

There is no smoking or vaping allowed on farm property or open flames allowed on the farm at any time.                                        Respect all signage and do not open gates or attempt to enter pastures.  Proper footwear (closed toed shoes) are recommended when attending any scheduled farm event. 


We abide by all provincial regulations in place regarding COVID 19 when in effect.  Masks are not required.  We have hand sanitizer available in our farm store for your use.    

Public Farm/Mill Tours 

As a working farm, all public/farm mill tours offered during warmer summer months only and are prescheduled with tickets  sold online in advance.  We do not public tours outside of advertised dates/times. 

Group Tours 

Group Tours for the 2023 summer season are being accepted from Knitters/Weavers/Spinning Guilds ~ please contact Barb at [email protected] for details.  

We are not able to accommodate children's groups or school tours at this time due to limited staffing to conduct tours. 

Products We Sell 

We are yarn farmers and do not sell fruits, vegetables, alpaca raw fibre, alpaca meat or chicken feed.  :-)


Contactless Payment Methods are Preferred

We accept cash, debit, VISA and Mastercard as forms of payment for retail purchases.   We do not accept American Express.  


Please note, our farm store will be closed on November 18th thru 21st inclusive.   On line store remains open, any orders placed will be fulfilled when we return.