"Natural Fibre - Natural Colours - Naturally Soft"

Custom Milling 

Our fibre mill specializes in the production of alpaca and merino fleece blends into finished goods like:  yarn, felt, batts and rovings.  We will be offering customer milling services in 2019 for alpaca fibre and select sheep wool processing orders.   

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Fibre Production 

The value of sorting, grading and classifying fibre - prior to processing the fibre - is quite simply a better end product."

Talk to Barb about more info on sorting, grading and classing your fibre prior to processing. 

Skirt, Sort & Tumble

Once the fleece is sheared from the animal, the fleece is skirted to remove debris; and, sorted by grade and type in preparation for processing.  Excess dirt is also removed by way of tumbling. 

Wash & Dry

Fleece is cleaned and dried prior to being milled using a commercial washing machine designed to wash but not agitate the fibres.  Agitation, during a wash cycle, would cause the fleece to felt. 

Pick & Condition

Washed fibres tend to stick together.  In order to process the fibres into finished goods, the fibres are picked to separate and conditioned reduce static electricity. We also blend fibres at this stage.  


This stage of process allows the mill operator the ability to further separate fibres by desired characteristics.  It also further removes any residual  vegetation which may still be in the fleece.

Card & Draw

Carding fleece and wool is the process of 'brushing' the yarn  to align the fibres.   Carded fleece may be made into rovings - to spin; or batts - for felting or quilting. Rovings are further processed on a draw frame to ensure each roving is a consistent size over its' entire length prior to spinning.     

Spin & Ply 

Spinning fibres on a commercial spinning machine uses prepared rovings while controlling for speed, twist and draft during the spinning process.  Single strands of yarn are further joined together (plied) to produce a final yarn product.    

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