"As alpaca farmers ourselves, we can truly appreciate what it takes to bring in the annual fleece harvest.  Soon the 2020 shearing season will fast approach ~ so it's a good idea to plan what do to with all that luxurious yummy fibre!"  

Get Ready - Plan Ahead - Book Today

Mill tours are encouraged ~ tour our mill ~ see the quality products we make.


Pricing is competitive and straight forward - quotes are itemized - with no hidden costs. 


Fibre preparation is key from tumbling to washing -  AND, we do not charge for dirt. 


Need creative milling services - ask about our "50/50 Program" to help share the cost of milling. 


We do not overbook our service schedule to ensure you receive your finished products on time.

We are open all year round for milling services.   

For more information email Barb at [email protected]

Custom Milling Services 

Our business philosophy for custom milling services is to produce quality 100% natural fibre products for alpaca farmers.  Whether you have a herd of 5 or 20 (or more) - we will work with you to understand your needs. If you are new to processing alpaca fibre - we understand it can be a bit daunting to think what you need to do or what you can make.  We remember that feeling very well and we are here to help you realize it's really not as complicated as everything you read on line.  

Our mill offers a complete line of products to suite your needs including custom blending and dehairing services We can help you transform your fleece into farm spun yarns (2 or 3 ply), cotton core yarns, rug yarns, rovings and/or quilt batts.  

Our pricing is competitive and is based upon the finished weight for products ordered and services rendered.  You are not charged on incoming weight, which tends to have a large percentage of dirt/vegetation and adds costs to the service.  We take extra care and attention to thoroughly clean (wash) all incoming fibre before milling begins.   It  makes a world of difference to the milling process and the final product you receive. You will also have the option of drop off/pick up to save on shipping costs.  

If you would like more information on custom milling services please email us at [email protected]     In order to understand your needs and answer your questions, please provide the following details in your email: 

  • Your Name/Farm Name 
  • Estimated weight of fleece to be processed.  
  • Desired product type (i.e. 2ply, 3 ply, rovings, batts)
  • Additional services required (i.e. blending, dehairing) (yes, no, unsure) 
  • If you are looking for some of your fleece to be made in yarn and remainder into rovings - just let us what you are thinking - and we can discuss options.  
  • Mill Tour requested (yes, no)
If you decide to go ahead with our milling services, we will prepare a Custom Milling Service Quote in advance for your review and approval.  Our service quotes will include an estimated date when your services will be complete.  We know how important it is for you to understand when you will receive your finished products - as you have a business to run too! After you review and approve your service quote, a deposit is required to secure a milling date.  Additional information will be shared with you on how to prepare your fleece in advance; and to make arrangements for shipping or drop off of fleece.  

We welcome the opportunity to mill your fleece into a wonderful finished product.   At Twin Pines Alpacas our commitment to you is to treat your fibre like our own ~ every step of the way. 

Skirt, Sort & Tumble

Once the fleece is sheared from the animal and prior to processing, fibre is skirted and sorted in order to remove excess dirt, vegetation, stains and/or manure contamination.  Fibre at this stage may also be graded and classed.  Excess dirt is also removed by way of tumbling. 

Wash & Dry

Fleece is cleaned and dried prior to being milled using a commercial washing machine designed to wash but not agitate the fibres.  Agitation, during a wash cycle, would cause the fleece to felt. 

Pick & Condition

Raw fibres are not sufficiently separated (opened) to be ready for milling.    Therefore, fibres are picked, blended (if desired) and conditioned in preparation for  milling into the desired product. 


This stage of process separates (dehairs) the fibres in order to improve overall consistency and grade of the fibres for processing. Dehairing services remove guard hairs and coarse fibres which may not be desired in the finished product. 

Card & Draw

Carding fleece is the process of 'brushing' the yarn  to align the fibres.  Carded fleece may be made into rovings - to spin; or batts - for felting or quilting.  Roving are further processed on a draw frame as a      'pre-draft' of the fibres; which, lengthens the roving in prior to spinning. 

Spin & Ply 

Commercial spinning equipment applies draft, twist and speed to produce single threads (a ply) of yarn.  Single threads  of yarn are further plied together to to produce a final yarn product.   All yarns are steamed to set the twist and further prepared into a final skein form.